Our Sausages are Created Using ...

Our Fresh – Never Frozen - Lacombe Raised – Grass Fed – Hormone and Chemical Free – Meat Trim

Our Fresh – Never Frozen – Blackfalds Raised – Hormone and Chemical Free – Meat Trim 

Our Fresh – Never Frozen – Raised in Big Valley – Hormone and Chemical Free – Meat Trim

Our Fresh – Never Frozen – Raised in Central Alberta – Hormone and Chemical Free – Meat Trim

We carefully add natural spices, herbs and sea salt to compliment our wonderful meat with European Family recipes. 

We pride ourselves with our fresh frying sausages, fully cooked sausages and so much more.

We do not add gas to our packaging to change color or to prolong shelf life. 

Enhanced with natural smoke we create a variety of unique sausages.

Informed Choices for Meat Products Containing Sodium Nitrite

For centuries Sodium Nitrite has been added to cured, air dried and smoked sausages. 

This is done to PREVENT BACTERIA GROWTH during the smoking, drying and aging process.

We at Messinger Meats adhere to follow proper curing procedures.  We only use the minimal amount of Sodium Nitrite required to stabilize the product. With the right amount of Sodium Nitrite, the appropriate amount of preperation time, and the right smoking temperature, the Nitrite dissipates from the product to the point where testing confirms extremely minimal residual Nitrite levels.

Other Nitrite Sources Include

Vegtables such as:These too, do in fact, contain high amounts of Sodium Nitrite.

Celery Powder is used in conjunction with Sea Salt to cure Sausages or Bacon etc.

By using this combination Sodum Nitrite will not show up... but will contain the same or even a higher amount of risidual Nitrite.  (Please read the MALABAR COMPARISON CHART BELOW to learn more about NITRITE VERSES CELERY POWDER)

Consumers are often lead to believe that the product is Nitrite FREE because it is not displayed on the label.  Examples of this are Organic Products at Farmers Markets or ALL Natural labeled products in the grocery aisle.

As a consumer, we understand, that it is very important to do your homework and educate oneself properly.  This includes reading labels correctly – this is essential in making right choices – when bringing groceries home to our families.  As always in life, MODERATION is important.

Nitrites ae also used as additives in dairy products like cheese, poultry, and fish to prevent bacteria growth, and to help keep the appealing color of meat products and to enhance flavours.

Making Informed Choices

At Messinger Meats we help making informed choices easy.  

We proudly feature our trusted Farm Families we source our meat from here on our website, so there is always re-assurance about the origin of our meat.  Our labels contain nutritional ingedients and facts which our Healthy Meat Lovers can soundly rely on.

The below supportive information is courtesy of www.MalabarSuperSpice.com: