Piedmontese Beef In The Early 1970's

One Piedmontese bull and four cows were brought here.  Now there are some 15,000 such cattle in the U.S. and Canada, totaling less than one percent of all cattle here in North America.

What Makes Them Different? 

What makes them different is a unique genetic strain, the inactive Myostatin gene.  This gene provides a higher lean-to-fat ratio, thus less marbling for a less connective tissue cut of red meat.

In short, this gene no longer prevents muscle development, and thus allows for the condition called "double muscling." So this beef is lower in calories, cholesterol & saturated fat.  It is higher in protein and contains a higher percentage of the healthy Omega 3 & 6 fat.  

When you look at it, you will see well distributed marbling. But it's the amazing taste and the natural occurring tenderness that makes it second to none. Piedmontese beef exhibits an amazing acceptance of seasonings, herbs, & flavors.  

It cooks faster than conventional beef, needing one third less cooking time than traditional beef.

It Is Time To Reconnect

Instill the love for healthy foods in your children by getting them involved not only in daily meal preparation but also in the process of choosing healthy, nutrient rich, local food.

Tell them why it is important to maintain a holistic health lifestyle.

Take your children shopping to the farmers market for vegetables and to the butcher shop for local meat.  Visit a farm, show them a chicken coop.

Encourage them to learn to turn over the packages and read the ingredients. Teach them how to cook.  Preparing a meal together is not a chore; it is the preparation of NOURISHMENT for the body that in the process also comforts the soul and sets the stage for an abundance of wonderful memories.

All these things will teach them that vegetables are grown, animals are raised and healthy food is fuel for our body.

Our Crisis

... began way before Monsanto. It began when we no longer knew the people that grew our produce & raised the animals we eat. It began when we stopped cooking & started eating out of boxes and ate fast food.

It began when we started trusting companies that rely solely on profit to feed us. How we became so disconnected from such an important part of our very being is hard to understand".  

c/o EatLocalGrow.com

This very profound statement reminds us that WE have a choice and it is up to every family or individual to make changes and go back to the basics, cooking simple meals with HEALTHY, FRESH & LOCAL ingredients.